We get this question a lot: what does Arvo Pärt think of your documentary? Has he even seen it? We were wondering the same, actually. That is why we are very honored to receive the message that the most celebrated composer in the world has taken the time to watch this portrait of him that was so lovingly made.

The documentary is greatly appreciated by Arvo Pärt and his family and the Arvo Pärt Centre – dedicated to the life and work of this great composer – has invited Paul Hegeman to come to Arvo Pärts home country and present his film in front of the Estonian audience.

On August 22nd, there will be a screening at the Kino Sõprus cinema in Tallinn, and on the 25th on August, a special screening will take place at the Arvo Pärt Centre, both of them accompanied by a Q&A with the director.

We cannot imagine a bigger compliment than this special invitation and we hope that the Estonian audience will appreciate our film as well.