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Earlier films

2011 De Schoolschrijver

Short documentary about the school author programme which sess some of the best Dutch authors undertake periods in the Dutch education system to promote reading and writing. In February 2011 three children’s authors ended their period as Amsterdam’s writers in residence with a special event the city theatre. The authors had spent the past months working in primary schools carrying out an inspirational programme connected to books, reading and writing. The film includes interviews with the authors, school leaders, pupils and parents.


2009 Images of Experience and Inspiration

Documentary about a major art festival in the Netherlands (de Bergense Kunst10daagse) including the famous last day art auction. The entirety of filming and post production was completed within the 10 days of the festival by a group of self-trained filmmakers allowing for the film to be premiered at the end of the festival.


2007 Samba Salad and the Metropole Orchestra

Multi-camera depiction of the youth theatre group Samba Salad performing alongside the Metropole Orchestra in Utrecht’s Vredenburg theatre.


2006 Portrait of a gambling addict (NCRV)

Two part documentary covering gambling addiction in the Netherlands. Part one follows Ria struggling to combine her family life alongside her gambling addiction. Part 2 traces the life of Christian, a 34 year old unemployed gambling addict. Click here to view a clip of this film.


2006 Nits-Urk

Recording of a concert by the Dutch group Nits.


2006 The Ironing Club

Short film depicting the lives of four men who having seen their careers in film stagnate decide to set up an ironing club. The men are shown the ropes by a beautiful teacher. During their ironing sessions the conversation flows and all of their problems come out. However an unexpected event awaits. The film was made to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Cinebergen cinema.


2005 Give and Take

Documentary about the lives of various migrant generations in the Netherlands. Amongst others the viewer is introduced to a Turkish baker who as the first guest worker in his town, started work in the steel industry in order to be able to afford to open his own bakery. Forty years later he is still baking and his three sons are part of the second generation of guest workers trying to find their place in the world between their ancestral homeland and the land where they have been born and raised. How does this younger generation view the Netherlands, its future and their role within it? These are just some of the questions within this documentary which offers a more nuanced version of an issue that has gripped Dutch politics and the national conversation in the past decade.


2004 Jackie Leven – The Meeting of Remarkable Men

Recording of the performance by Jackie Leven at the Crossing Border Festival with as special guest the author Ian Rankin. This special event was brought out on DVD by Cooking Vinyl Records.


2003 If a bird without wings

Documentary follows three families of asylum seekers from Iraq, Sudan and Armenia struggling to find a legal safehaven in the Netherlands.


2002 Mali Blues (NPS/Arte)

The musical culture of Mali has no equal. As a crossing point of African, Arabic, European and American influences this West African land has grown to be cherished by music lovers across the world. This is despite the fact that Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world with 72% of the population living in poverty.

Mali, once a colonial power with an empire stretching across the continent of Africa, its wealth is now found in its cultural roots. As Mali and Africa’s biggest star Salif Keita proudly declares, “What oil is for other lands, culture is for us. The capital Bamako is a reservoir of talent, competing amongst each other to rise to the top or winning a place to study at the INA (Institut Nation des Arts), the pride of Mali’s musical scene. Bamako also benefits from Mali’s current stars giving back to the place that made them. In the film Salif Keita shows the viewer Le Moffu. The hotel and music complex he established having found wealth and fame across the world. Le Moffu gives new talent the chance to further their own fledgling careers and follow in his footsteps. Keifa’s success is all the more remarkable due to his albinism and the state of the Malian government which is nothing more than a ‘’dictator is disguise’’.

On the other side of the city Mali’s newest world star, Habib Koite, is busy with his band Bamada. Koite trained at the INA and has remained closely connected to the institute, spending much of his spare time giving workshops to the next generation of performers. Elsewhere in the city singer Rokia Trarore hears that she has been chosen for the prestigious ‘African artist of the year’ award. Before the awards ceremony take places she finds the time to play a few acoustic songs with the Kora legend Toumani Diabate. Trarore speaks frankly over the seemingly never ending poverty and corruption that grips Mali.

Amadou and Mariam, better known as the blind musical lovers, have found musical fame particularly in France. They talk about memories of growing up and meeting each other in the institute for the blind. On the roof of their flat they prepare for an impromptu concert and play their smoky blues music into the small hours.

This film displays the rich spectrum of Malian music but also daily life in Mali. Music in Mali is more than just entertainment, it is a vital life source as the Malianese say, ‘ music is in your skin, you wear it everyday of your life and when you die music ensures a good afterlife.’

Click here to watch a fragment from the film.


2000 Caruso (VPRO)

Science programme.


1999 The Heroes are back home (VPRO)

Documentary about Cuban music. Featuring Ibrahim Ferer, Omara Portuondo, Eliades Ochoa, the African Cuban All Stars, La banda. Click here to watch a clip from the film.


1998 Sons of… (VPRO)

Documentary about the sons of famous musicians. Featuring Adam Cohen, Ravi Coltrane, Christopher Stills and Rufus Wainwright.


1998 Hits and Bytes (VPRO)

Theme evening about the consumer society and the search for authenticity with among others Bob Adler, Michel Onfray and Douglas Rushkoff.


1994-1998 Lola da musica (VPRO)

De luchtkastelen van Air

Massive Attack

Shane McGowan

Ben Harper: gedreven of bezeten

Peter Hammill

CAN: Het zwarte gat

Afro-Cuban All Stars

De hartslag van Dakar – Dakar Sound

Een Franse golf

Vic Chesnutt: A Funny Pilgrim

Bill Laswell

Aan de hand van Angelique

Willie Nelson ‘A Living Legend’

Music Meeting

Westerse koppen, Oosterse passie

25 jaar ECM – muziek zonder grenzen

Franse hiphop

Sonick Acts


1994 Spirit, Show and Songs (IKON)

Documentary about spirituality and music with: Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos, Guru, KRS-One, Loreena McKennitt, Youssou N’Dour and Brendan Perry from Dead Can Dance.


1992 Filmreview (AVRO)

Film programme.


1992 Dizzy Goes East (NBC/WDR/A2)

Documentary about the great Dizzy Gillespie and his travels through East Europe. Features among others Vaclav Havel and Shirley Temple.


1991 Perestroika behind a gas mask (AVRO)

Ecology and music on the Volga river – Part One.


1991 Glowing Darkness (AVRO)

Ecology and music on the Volga river – Part Two.


1990 The music of West Africa (VARA)

With Salif Keita and Youssou N’Dour.


1989 Culture and Resistance (VARA)

With Fela Kuti and Khaled


1988-1989 Zomerrock

A journey of discovery along various European music festivals.


1987-1989 Kippevel (VARA)

Dutch music show featuring prominent international artists: Jethro Tull, REM, the Nits,Salif Keita, Leonard Cohen, The Stranglers, Chuck Berry, Paolo Conte, Bobby Womack, David Byrne, Ry Cooder, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, Randy Newman, Fleetwood Mac and Youssou N’Dour.